The Punishment Log

Today, still with a couple of hours left to do in the ass mask, Mistress and I met in world to work on a little project I needed some help with (picking some final names for poses in the new sofa we made for the Raven Park Abbey). Before doing so though I needed to ask for a top-up of walk allowance as I was getting very low. Of all the allowances on the Sub-Allowance HUD this is the worst one to run out of. The others still let me get on with most things -- if I run out of walk I'm stuck on the spot.

Payment was 3 hours in the punishment log.

This does make doing things in-world fairly tricky as I'm denied the ability to touch anything more than 1.5m away from me (it could be worse, it does have the ability to deny all touch). So, until I'm free of it, I'm using the time to do some "paperwork" for The Femdom Hunt (more news on that later next week).

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