Boots are trained

Earlier today Mistress and I were hanging out in the garden, having a chat and planning a few things while I walked around in circles, working on the last bit of (re-)training of my pony boots.

This paid off because, after not too long, I did it, I finished level 4! I was finally in a position where I could walk at normal avatar speeds, would be able to walk as far as I liked without falling over, would be able to run and also jump.

It'd taken quite a lot of time (on and off, of course) and I was really excited to have fully-trained boots again. Until, this is, I noticed something wasn't quite right. During training, at least, the boos play a whinny sound, along with a great little animation that Mistress loves, when you hit the normal avatar crouch key (PgDn for most people). That was now lost. No whinny sound, no cute animation.

Mistress wasn't too happy about this. But, a quick check of the manual later, and she had a solution to the problem. Now that I'd fully-trained my boots she could set what level I walk around on. A quick test later confirmed that setting me back to any of the training levels got the whinny back. And so, as of 10 minutes after I'd finished training my boots, I was back on level 4. For good.

While I'm tempted to suggest that all that walking around Zindra got me nowhere, what it really did was give Mistress full access to all the levels so she could set them how they please her. That thought makes it not quite so terrible.

Before she headed for bed I also had to ask for a top-up for teleports as I was getting rather low. That got me a payment of "Be cuffed, hogtied, so you can wriggle your way to where you need to go, for 3 days".

The list grows...

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