Released, shopping and then blindfolded

After a weekend of shuffling around in a hogtie I met up with Mistress earlier today and she listened to my plea to be let out again. I mean, sure, it was supposed to be for 3 days and today was the end of that 3 days but Mistress does so hate unlocking things.

In the end I think what won her over was me reminding her that she'd picked up lots of demos on Friday that she wanted to buy the full versions of. So, I was unlocked...

...and we both got changed...

...before heading back to The Secret Affair so Mistress could pick up the items she wanted (and so I could buy a thing I had my eye on too).

We had a quick wander around so Mistress could make her purchases and I could make mine (something I'll be working on in the next day or so -- the item is copy and mod and just begging to have some Z&A RLV scripts added to it) and then we headed back home. Mistress spent a little bit of time trying out one outfit and hair combination before heading over to the workshop with me so I could run a couple of new builds past her (one of which will be out this week, the other likely next week).

Finally it was time to think about tucking her up in bed but, before she went, she reminded me that it was time to apply another restriction from my allowance list. Given that the next day or so means I need to move things around in the shop, etc, it was suggested that I use my one remaining wildcard item and select wisely (the other items on the list aren't quite so conducive to building and editing and Mistress laughed lots when I suggested that perhaps her wildcard choice (she has one on the list too) would also be such a choice). So I decided to pick being locked in a blindfold that I'd scripted up using an item I'd bought at Romp last week.

I've scripted it similar to our Contact Lenses. This means that, rather than flat-out blind, I'm walking around in a very dark world and am denied things like names, hover text, access to maps and so on. This allows me to carry on with my work, albeit in a greatly hindered way. Once the more recent vision-oriented additions to RLV make it into RLVa too (and so, hopefully, into most RLV(a)-enabled viewers) I aim to make use of them as well (likely as an option).

On top of being blindfolded Mistress decided that I should have my hands cuffed too, otherwise I might be tempted to remove it. ;)

Part of my "wildcard" choice was that, while I selected the restraint, Mistress would select the time I should wear it for. Initially she set it for 4 hours, but then she decided to go easy on me and reduce it by 1/2 hour. Only, instead of removing a 1/2 hour, she added it, and started the timer. There was much laughing and reminding me that her doing these things just before bed can never go well for me, and then we said goodnight in-world before logging off to say goodnight in RL.

Only then did she mention that she'd actually taken pity on me and, while we were saying goodnight in-world, with the help of Mal...

...she'd modified the time to better match what she'd originally intended.

Mistress is too kind.

So, that's me for the next few hours, in a very dark world and not able to see very far, or who's on the region, or around me if I go anywhere else.

Doubtless I'll find something to do while I'm like this. ;)

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