Latex pony

Today I started on another long payment from my allowance list: spending 9 days as Miss Vila's human pony. Going pony was, of course, pretty much the thing that started my now-constant backlog of payments so I imagine this will make things even worse.

This time though I'm going with a slightly different look. Whereas last time I was more or less naked, this time I'm neck-to-toe black latex. Well, I say next-to-toe, the catsuit has an opening at the front and the back so I'm still wearing the pouch I wore last time...

...and the tail still works too.

The same rules apply as before. Starting today and until the end of this period I am banned from the house. Last thing at night I have to return to the stable in the garden and log off in there. This means that I'm also not allowed to use the ZV&a private transporter network that I normally use to get around the region quickly. Well, that's not quite true: I can use it to get from the shop to the workshop, etc, but I am not allowed to go to the pad in the house. This means that I have to go to the shop and then walk across the region to get home.

The upside is that it means I might actually finish training my pony boots and I'll stop falling on my backside. As of the time of writing I'm 65% of the way through level 3.

The downside is that I'll be getting through my walk allowance a lot quicker than usual.

Which means I'll need to top up more often.

Which means the list will grow...

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