Boot training on Zindra

The past few days have been a bit quiet here on the blog, mostly because I've been busy building and working on a longer-term project but also because, while I've been locked up as Miss Vila's pony again, there's not been much movement on the allowance front.

However, Mistress did note that I didn't seem to be doing much work on training my boots -- the vast majority of my walking being the walk to and from the shop (to get to the workshop) once a day -- and she decided that this needed fixing. As it was I had an item on my allowance payment list to the effect of being dumped on any region she wished and then denied all forms of teleporting for 5 hours.

So, yesterday, before Mistress headed for bed, I found myself on the very edge of Zindra once again, denied TPs for 5 hours of in-world time, a top up of walk allowance (which obviously increased the size of my allowance payment list again), and a pat on the backside and told to get to work on finishing off training the boots.

The resulting walk was pretty epic for me, and was very different from my banishment periods on Zindra in that I knew where I was, I could see where I was going and I had maps so I could plan a route. In the end I more or less crossed the continent twice before the timer ran out. I have an album of photos I took along the way. Here's a few highlights:

I found wildlife on the way
I even found some proper hills on the way
I stumbled on the supplier of my first
SL penis

I discovered that Zindra has a dam,
it even has different water levels
either side of it
I can remember when the owner of
this shop was asking about land
buying/renting advice in a group.
Was good to see such a big shop

Found someone with excellent taste
in RLV vehicles ;)

As I was near the end of my time I heard the sound of a motorcycle tearing down the road behind me. I step to one side to let whatever lunatic was riding it past and....

...if it wasn't my favourite maker of yokes and second favourite Drow!

Turns out that, without even realising it, I'd walked past the Sunshine Technology main store. We stood and had a good natter for quite some time before I had to head back home and tidy up the shop ready for some new releases this week.

In the end I managed to get my boots up from around 20% to 50% (on level 4). Although I, as I normally do, dreaded the idea of being away from home for 5 hours I actually enjoyed the journey in the end. Despite what so many people seem to think Zindra has a lot to see and, while the roads aren't as pretty and the geology isn't as interesting as other mainland continents, it's never boring.

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