No longer a pony

Yesterday, a day later than planned, I ended my period as Miss Vila's pony.

I was unlocked of all my gear and stripped of my outfit and, fairly quickly, I was back to my old self.

With this change of status I was given permission again to use the house. This means I can use the transporter pad in the house again, meaning I can quickly get to the workshop -- no more trudging all the way across the region to the Z&A main store to get the transporter pad there.

After having all my pony gear removed we retired to Mistress' studio to work on out outfits for tomorrow's Raven Park dance. After sorting outfits we went shopping for a few extra dances for the Raven Park dance system. That had an amusing (for Mistress) moment where we went to one store that, unknown to me (because my mini-map turns off when I'm with Mistress thanks to Sub-Focus), spanned two regions -- both of them general. I'm "banned" from general regions by the region monitor in my SubHUD but I'm also okay on general regions if Mistress is there when I enter.

Of course, at one point, I crossed the region boundary before she did, so I was in a general region without her, which meant that I was force-teleported to my cell.

Rather than come and rescue me (apparently it was all my own fault for not paying attention) Mistress let me serve the time the cell had randomly picked (about 1/2 hour) while she carried on shopping.

In the end I got out again and we finished off the dance shopping before adding the new dances to the dance system.

We're now all set for the dance.

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