Strapped for four days

Today, after a bit of a window-shopping trip (we may or may not be looking at new houses), Mistress reminded me that the weekend's fun was over and it was time to return to knocking more items off my allowance payment list. I'd recently suggested something I'd like to do as one of my wildcards (the punishment where I get to pick it) and, as it happened, I'd acquired another payment at last night's dance (I ran out of talk and needed a top-up there and then) that would be a perfect match.

So, along with "wear nothing but a chastity belt for 4 days" (the one that had come up last night)...

...I'm also wearing leg and arm straps (my wildcard choice)...

I'd also said to Mistress that, as part of my wildcard, she chooses the length of time I remain in them. Of course she decided that it should be the full 4 days I'm denied clothing except for the belt.

While none of this has any harsh restrictions for the next 4 days it does mean I can only move around by jumping. This is a lot slower than normal walking and I have to stop for a rest every so often so that I can keep my speed up. And, of course, it limits where I can go for the next few days too -- I'm not exactly dressed appropriately for some locations.

Also, before Mistress left for bed, I needed a top-up for TPs. That got me another wildcard payment; Miss Vila's wildcard, that is. She gets to pick anything she wishes.

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