A brief visit to Romp

A little earlier on today I met up in-world with Mistress so she could let me out of what I've been locked in for the past 4 days. After I was unlocked and relocked with my usual cuffs we decided that we should pop and visit Romp.

On and off, recently, we've been talking about how a kink/Femdom/RLV/BDSM-friendly fair might be a good idea. Fairs seem to be the thing at the moment so something aimed squarely at that adult end of the grid would, we thought, be very welcome. Kind of in the way that The Femdom Hunt first started, we kept talking about how, if nobody else is doing anything like this, perhaps we should so that it would exist.

And then Mistress found out about Romp at the start of the week, meaning we could give up on the idea 'cos someone had already thought about it! Even better, it describes itself as "a celebration of elegant kink". Kind of hard not to be excited about that.

The location itself is a really pretty build, albeit one we weren't expecting. I'm not sure what we were expecting but "elegant kink" sort of conjures up images of the mansion from Eyes Wide Shut, or something similar. Instead it appears to be more of a fantasy-like wooded glade that looks like it should be inhabited by fairy folk and similar creatures. Not a bad thing, and like I say, very pretty, just different from the image the description had created in our minds.

The location itself is easy and logical to navigate (something that can't always be said of fairs where form seems to trump function a lot of the time) and, we found, pretty fast and easy to load. Many of the shops, however, are rather small. We found that if a couple were in a shop having a look it made you want to move along and make a mental note to come back later -- it would seem crowded and like you're invading someone's space.

Another odd thing we found was that there seemed to be a general lack of information-giving. Some of the boards in the shops lacked useful information such as permissions and every shop we dropped in on appeared to not want to reveal the location of their main store. Really, the latter was the oddest part. Every shop has a really pretty blackboard sign outside which looked like it was the sort of thing you should touch to get information on the creator, perhaps a bio and a landmark, but a touch did nothing.

We also noticed that one or two displays didn't seem to be working, or were supposed to be static props that, while for sale, actually didn't do anything (again, a lack of information meant that there was no way of getting notecards or something else to tell you what the product did).

Those quibbles aside though, I think it's well worth a visit if kink is your thing. While one or two of the stalls appeared to have items totally unrelated to kink (stores that don't even nod towards a theme seem common at most fairs I've been to) most had something on theme. I was even excited to see that one or two items were appropriate for male subs too (I made two purchases, both of which are copy and mod and so I'm aiming to script as RLV items for Mistress' pleasure).

If anything I was a little surprised that we didn't see any of the names we'd normally recognise from the kink-oriented business in SL. While it was good to see names I'd not seen before making such items it would have been nice to see some new builds from some of the more familiar names (I know if we'd known about it, or had been invited, we'd have had loads of fun making a few things).

Sadly our visit was fairly brief, I think we only managed to spend about 40 minutes there. We have promised ourselves a return visit, perhaps next week (even though it was a couple of days into the fair a couple of the stalls were still missing so, hopefully, that'll give them time to get in place).

Upon getting home, before Mistress had to log off, we switched over my SubHUD to a new test version. I've been working on a new module for it (which will be a free update to all users of the retail version) and it needs a bit of dogfooding before being called a finished release. Part of setting up the new version meant setting my home (as seen by the HUD) inside my cell.

Given that the cell auto-shuts and starts a random time when I appear inside it, this happened. And, of course, given that Mistress hates opening a cell with a running timer.... that's how I said goodnight to her, through the bars of the door.

Still, I'm free of any serious restrictions for at least the next 24 hours. I suspect that another item on my allowance list will be put into effect tomorrow.

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