Some time in the Pod Prison

One of the things with the allowance system is that Mistress has to find a balance that works for her and everyone else. It's one thing to make my life very difficult for her amusement, it's another when I need to be working on things that will benefit her and others. This does mean that some of the harsher or longer-term items need to be fitted in around doing things like building for Raven Park dances, and even around more practical things like rolling restarts (you don't want to be locked in or on something when a restart comes rolling).

I met up with Mistress yesterday, after cleaning up the set from Saturday's dance, and she had a good long look at what's currently on the list of payments I need to deliver on.

Finally she decided that it was high time we knocked off at least one of the stints inside the Raven Park Pod Prison. I've been dreading this. The Pod Prison is an odd thing. Back in the days when I used to hang out at Stonehaven the Pod Prison there was my first introduction to RLV-based heavy isolation and I was constantly fascinated by it. It, in turn, through a friend at the time, got be interested in banishment too. So when Mistress leashed me and dragged me into the prison room in the Raven Park Mansion I was both excited and nervous.

I was ordered into my prison suit and helmet and then I was permitted a goodbye hug.

Accepting my fate, for the next 3 hours anyway, I walked onto the platform while Mistress fired up the console.

This is the part I really like about the Pod Prison. The sounds are so well done as you use it. The voice that was chosen as the voice of the computer is spot on. It's soft, soothing, almost cheerful. This makes it seem all the more sinister, it makes it feel like your time in the prison is all the more inevitable.

A pod was called from the lower prison....

...and I was encased and transported back to its location.

Eventually, after 3 hours of being completely isolated from the outside world (no IMs, no chat, no maps, no ability to see names, the works) I was released and could head back home.

...and could change back into something more comfortable.

Worryingly I still have another 2 sessions in the Pod Prison in my allowance list. The 5 hour session will be quite a test of my endurance. I imagine that I'll have to log off from that at some point and deal with the consequences of the probation period (this is calculated based on your offline time during your sentence -- you're set free from the prison itself but you remain locked in the suit and isolated).

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