Roller bane again

Today, after kicking off things with The Femdom Hunt V, Mistress and I got together for a little bit. First to look over some things with the new house that we're sorting and then to deal with my allowance list. The past few days, for various reasons, it's been neglected. Well, I say neglected.... I still had to pick items to go on it to get my allowance top-ups, it's just Mistress wasn't always about or in a position to collect.

She did a little today though.

She decided that I should spend the next 5 days as the "roller bane". This means I'm on my neat skates and locked in the isolation helmet all that time. While I am allowed IMs this time around (both outbound and inbound) given that I'm dealing with the hunt I am still locked in a very dark world, minus things like hover text, maps, names, etc...

Mistress then also locked a set of mittens on me and denied all touch for 5 hours of in-world time. All touch! Not just fartouch, as is normal. This time I can't touch or edit anything at all.

She then decided that I should also be dropped on a region of her choice and denied TP for a couple of hours. So Mistress headed off and pulled me over after her, dropping me in a very snowy looking area of the mainland.

During that time I had a little bit of an explore while also sending out lots of invites for the hunt. Here's a handful of photos from my wander:

Before this little adventure started I had to get another top-up off Mistress and that earned me another "Domme wildcard". So now there's two payments on my allowance list that are Mistress making up anything she wants. Now, of course, she can do that any time she wants to anyway, but there's something just a little extra scary knowing they're on there and I have no idea what she'll invent for me.

Meanwhile though, for now, I simply get to enjoy our region, but only outdoors. I can't get into the house or up to the workshop because of the lack of touch -- not without using up precious TP allowance anyway. The build I was working on will have to wait just a little longer.

At least the lack of touch and edit meant that I had to concentrate on hunt business. I should thank Mistress for the distraction-free evening, I guess. ;)

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