From gardening to punishment

Mistress and I spent a little bit of time in-world together earlier today. To start with we did a little bit of gardening. We'd recently purchased a rather nice fountain for her garden and it needed dressing up.

On top of the tweaks I'd made to it (sadly having to remove the splash particle effects as they were looking horrible to both of us in the latest Firestorm, and also removing a bunch of scripts that did nothing useful and just used region resources -- curiously no water sounds were included to make the scripts worth having, so I still need to add that myself) she felt it needed something to soften the edge. In the end she placed a few plants around it and that really did the trick.

After a brief (and aborted) attempt to see if the copper version of the fountain would work in the hallway of the Mansion (it didn't) Miss Vila announced that she was going to get her revenge for the previous game of En Garde.

That didn't quite go according to plan. Well, not to Mistress' plan anyway. ;)

I went on from that lead to win the game. Thankfully for me it was getting rather late for Mistress so there was no time for her to go for a "best of three".

This weekend is a weekend where there's little chance that we'll see each other so, to be on the safe side, I requested that I get a top-up for my walk allowance -- all other allowances being okay until at least Monday. Mistress was happy to oblige, and even happier when the payment handed out by the Punishment Picker was 5 hours locked in the Punishment Log.

I now face 5 hours of in-world time unable to fly or run and with touch reduced to only objects within 1.5m of me. That means editing things is a challenge and I have to get nose up to anything I want to interact with.

I'll have to chose the things I work on in-world wisely.

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