Six days later

Today marked six days since Miss Vila locked me on my knees. In that time, while I've managed to do most of the things I'd normally do, it's been slower -- much slower. As you might imagine I was looking forward to a bit of time with a bit more freedom of movement.

When we got together earlier today we first decided to pay a visit to the newly-opened Beaumont Manor. Miss Delores has recently done a rebuild of her region (which, in part, inspired me to reboot a Z&A product as lower land impact and more detailed mesh) so we were keen to go and see how it looked now. We'd actually tried this a couple of days earlier but had had the bad luck, or rather bad timing, of landing there about 7 minutes before the Tuesday restart hit. So rather than having a good explore we ended up back at home, having a chat over coffee. Well, Mistress had coffee anyway.

Anyway, back to today. We met up at home...

...and then headed off to Beaumont to have a good explore. Here's a few photos from the visit:

Eventually we headed back home, the TP home also using up my last teleport from my allowance. So, when we got home, I had to request a top-up for that, which meant a visit to the office...

First though, because my 6 days on my knees was up, I was released from that...

...and then I had to touch the punishment picker to find out my payment for the TP top-up. This turned out to be that I will spend 12 days wearing nothing but a chastity belt.

So that's me for the next 12 days. Mistress has already made it clear that she won't be relenting for Saturday's dance and that it's up to me to work out a costume that works with me like this. So that should be an interesting challenge.

Goodness knows what I'll do if I need to photograph a new product in the next couple of weeks... Beg, and bargain, I imagine. ;)

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