Staked out again!

Mistress is now convinced that I've tampered with her punishment picker.

After being staked out for 3 hours yesterday, in payment for the top-up I had a couple of days earlier, I'd caught up with my allowance debt. Only, I was getting low on teleports. After popping out and paying rent at a mall earlier today I only had 2 left, and I'll need to TP around the grid a little later on today when I make some new releases. So I had to ask Mistress for a top-up. And a touch of the book delivered: "Be staked out naked for 1 hour".

I laughed.

She eyed me suspiciously and muttered something about being sure I'd tampered with the book. Of course, it's not actually three similar punishments in a row because there was the small matter of being locked on my knees for a day that came after the last two staked outs were picked (I'm sure that just slipped Miss Vila's mind). And I did a test touch for her that came up with something very different.

She's still not convinced though.

Anyway, I was stripped, leashed and dragged over to the other side of Raven Park again, and locked staked out:

At which point Mistress decided that some variety was needed, so she adjusted my chains, resulting in this:

That was when she let out one of her cute evil chuckles, rummaged in her inventory, and left me like this:

Protesting that I suffer from hay fever got me nowhere.

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