Some more landscaping, and a slow 24 hours

Today, Miss Vila and I carried on with the landscaping we started on Saturday. Time's kind of in short supply for Mistress right at the moment so we're having to do little bits each day. Today we had a play with making a small beach that, hopefully, fits the region. We spent a bit of time going over the options and how well it might work...

...and then we went shopping for bits and started work on making the beach area.

There's still plenty of work to do, we need to better blend it in to the edge of the region so it's not a stark contrast between grass and sand, but we're happy with how it's going so far. We think it helps make more sense of the bay that surrounds Z's home and the boat dock (which still needs work too, especially the choice of seating and possibly the odd toy or two).

And then it was time for Mistress to head for bed. First, however, I needed a top up for my teleport allowance. That got me a payment of being locked in a spreader bar for 24 hours, as well as having my hands cuffed.

The spreader bar isn't just for show either. It stops me from normally walking. To move anywhere now I have to press shift-left then shift-right, over and over again, to take small shuffling steps. There is, however, one RLV choice in it that I find rather curious and it's this: sit-tp isn't denied. This means I can cam over to anything that can be sat on and I can sit on it to get around quickly.

Not that I would. ;)

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