Clowning around

Because of RL constraints Miss Vila and I were rather late doing our outfit arranging for this week's Raven Park Dance. Once we got together much time was spent trawling the marketplace for ideas, followed by a bit of in-world window shopping.

Yes, there's a reason I'm wearing the shopping bags.
All should become clear some time next week.
By window shopping I mean TPing about, getting hold of demos, as so many shops seem to not like putting their demos on the marketplace. We hit on one shop that was just amazing. Done so everything was huge, making you feel like a petite avatar, or something Alice-in-Wonderland.

Eventually though we settled on our outfits for the evening and, while sorting the details, just had to have a mess about with a couple of the props I've put out in the dance venue.

I'm rather looking forward to the dance now. I especially can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with. The photos will, of course, be on the Z&A blog by the end of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'd run out of teleport allowance and was getting very low on fly allowance, so before Miss Vila headed for bed she had me use the punishment picker to select my payments for top-ups. I'm now looking forward to 3 days locked in an outfit of her choice and also 4 hours gagged. Thankfully she decided to leave them until tomorrow so as not to interfere with the dance.

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