Editor font size in Firestorm 4.6.1

Yesterday, after I'd got all the business of a new product release out of the way, I decided to upgrade my copy of Firestorm. I'd being sticking with 4.4.2 because of a rather nasty bug in 4.5.1 that broke quite a few RLV toys and gadgets, including a couple I use a lot. Having tested 4.6.1 on a different machine to be sure that this issue had been fixed I knew it was mostly safe to make the switch (I could always go back if I hit a show-stopper).

The upgrade went pretty smoothly (all the better for Firestorm's rather awesome settings backup and restore system) and, for the most part, there were no horrible surprises. One obvious difference I did see is that water seems more blue and more milky now, at least on the default windlight -- that's something I want to look into more as it looks a little odd. Other obvious differences pretty much came down to things being done differently in the new version (the texture tab in the build floater being very different, for obvious reasons).

However, one thing really stood out because it was such a stark difference and because it's something I use a lot: the font in the script editor seemed so much smaller and so less readable. The editor's dialog has no setting for this, and neither does the general preferences. Kind of annoying.

A quick visit to Google later turned up this FS JIRA with a comment posted yesterday with a possible solution. Sure enough, a quick dabble in the fonts.xml file and an edit of the value for this:

later and I had a bigger script editor font. I still haven't found a size I'm delighted with, and the need to relog every time I want to try a new one is a bit of a pain, but I'm thankful that there is a way to change this. I'm sure I'll settle on a good size at some point soon.

It'd be great if this could be made a setting in the editor preferences.

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