Still processing

Just over a week ago I uploaded a snapshot to my.secondlife.com. It's not something I normally do, most of the time I forget that that's actually an option. Besides, if I'm sharing an image I'm more likely to do it on here, on imgur or on plurk.

But, I did it, 'cos I'd not done it for a while and decided to give it a try again. Ever since then I've had this at the top of my profile:

For over a week now. The snapshot is being processed. Even though it was processed and has long gone. Sure, there's a "X" to the right hand side that, if I hover over it, says it'll dismiss the notification. Doesn't do a thing though.

I've got the horrible feeling it'll be there for the rest of my second life.

Or I could try and upload another snapshot and see if that clears it. That'd be sensible...

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