Some landscaping, eventually....

We've never been ones for doing the whole "delete everything on the region and start again" remodel thing when it comes to Raven Park. Generally we prefer to let the region evolve, changing the odd thing here and there, rebuilding parts of it within the constraints of the other parts around it. While this does have the advantage of not causing complete upheaval it also has the nice side-effect of making the whole thing feel more organic, more natural, less planned. Just like an old village/town would be.

After replacing the old pony area with a slightly wild pond we decided that the next thing to get an upgrade would be the sun deck that's by the side of the Mansion. We'd already had a chat a couple of days back to decide on how it was going to go and had the main components picked out. So, earlier today, before it was Miss Vila's bedtime, we went in to make a start on it.

First off, however, because there would be lots of landscaping involved, Mistress decided that she just had to get a gardening/landscaping outfit sorted. Something with sturdy boots, some sort of dungarees that she didn't mind getting dirty and, of course, a big floppy hat to keep the Sun off.

Almost two hours later she had the outfit and almost no time left to actually get going on the build. Meanwhile, knowing that she'd actually not be getting the outfit dirty 'cos I'd be doing all the heavy lifting while she supervised, I went shopping for a clipboard for her. ;)

Thankfully we did get to spend about 1/2 hour on clearing the area of objects and Mistress supervised the terraforming and placement of the new dock that we're replacing the old deck with. Starting tomorrow and over the next few days we'll work on the details.

At least she'll have an outfit ready this time...

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