A couple of hours in the dark...

Today Mistress and I did even more work on the area of the region around Z's house. What started as a case of "let's swap the sun deck for something a little nicer" has turned into a fairly large, and really fun, job.

That's almost a week of photos of Miss Vila in
the same outfit. This might get me in
trouble. She does have an extensive
wardrobe, honest. ;)

Today we went shopping for a swim system, so people can have a swim in the bay (somehow we found one that actually optionally uses RLV too -- never expected that!), as well as a new set of off-sim rocks to finish off the corner behind Z's house.

It's really starting to come together. There's a couple more things we want to do and it should all be done (at which point I'll probably write it all up properly on the Z&A blog).

Of course, all this bouncing around the grid, looking at things and testing things, meant that I ended up needing a top-up for my TP and walk allowances. Which in turn ended up with me being gagged and locked in the contact lenses, with the highest darkness level, for 2 hours.

Mistress chose the candle gag so I'd have some light. Isn't she sweet? ;)

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