My new suit

For as long as I've existed in SL I've been after a good suit. A really good suit. I came close a couple of times in the pre-mesh era, and those couple of suits still get an outing, but I've never found a mesh one that's quite clicked with me.

Like many guys on the grid I've got the L&B tux. For me, it's okay, it's not bad, but it just doesn't sit right. I don't know if it's just down to my avatar's shape or something but the shoulders have always looked wrong. I think I look like I have a perma-shrug when wearing it. Also it always seems to have a bit of a "stiff cardboard" look about it.

This weekend gone Miss Vila and I were attending a wedding so a new suit was very much in order. I was dreading shopping for one given all of the above, until I stumbled on this suit from Zaara. I grabbed the demo, not holding out much hope, and was totally amazed. It sat just right. It looked like me in it. It was pretty much spot on.

The shoulders make sense, it looks like it's sat on me properly, and the textures are wonderful. Even better is the texture-change HUD that comes with a good selection of shirts and ties. (My only complaint here is that there appears to be no remove-script option in the HUD and the suit itself is no-mod -- I much prefer to create a texture combination and then kill scripts).

Combined with a pair of L&B dress shoes I think the whole thing works really well.

If the fatpack wasn't quite so expensive I'd have been very tempted to get it (not that I don't think it's worth the price -- I just don't have enough need for all those colours and wouldn't wear it quite so often enough to justify the cost). As it is I am very tempted to get at least one more colour, and I can see me wearing this as one of my outfits in heavy rotation.

When I'm allowed clothing, that is. ;)

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