Back in debt

The last few days have been fairly quiet for me in terms of restrictions. Ever since Miss Vila let me out of the 12 days in nothing but a chastity belt restriction I've been "free" of anything. Mostly this came about because I bit that "perfect spot" where all the allowances seem to have got in sync and nothing got too low.

Until this weekend.

Friday involved a fair bit of teleporting around the grid, doing some last minute shopping ready for Miss Eve and Paris' wedding the following day. On top of that, at the moment, I'm also on a talk allowance. Generally Mistress uses the renamer facility in my SubHUD which bypasses the chat tracker in my Sub-Allowance. However, she's recently decided that that's too easy and has turned it off, meaning that even talk is tracked now.

By Saturday morning I'd almost run out of teleports and talk so Mistress topped me up for both. Given that we had a wedding to go to I was ordered to make a note of the "payment", saving it for after the weekend. This is what I got:

Be staked out naked for 2 hours.
Be staked out naked for 1 hour.

This was, of course, much to Miss Vila's annoyance. Both the times and the fact that it picked the same thing twice. Apparently random isn't random enough if it randomly picks the same thing. ;)

Last night we had the Raven Park dance and, sadly, Mistress' machine decided to throw a funny in the last 10 minutes so she got kicked out and couldn't get back in-world. As (bad) luck would have it, just after we lost her, I ran out of talk allowance again (dances are pretty chatty affairs) and so lost the right to speak!

When she finally got in again, the following day, we met again in the Abbey and had that last dance, before popping off to do a quick bit of shopping for Raven Park before she went to bed.

Just before she went to bed though I needed another top-up for the talk I'd lost the night before. Which is why, right now, I'm well into spending a day like this:

And, of course, I've still got the 2 hours and 1 hour of staked out to pay off.

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