Stalled logins

For the past week or so I seem to be having an occasional problem with logging into Second Life. What happens is I'll hit the login button and I'm left staring at something like this (in Firestorm, in this case):

And that's it. It just sits there, never failing, never progressing. At least, it never has for as long as I've left it. If I then hit the "Quit" button and log in again almost every single time it'll log me right in without a hitch. A couple of times I've had it do this twice in a row, and it doesn't seem to be just a Firestorm problem as I've had it happen with METAbolt once too.


  1. I had the same issue. Maybe the update will fix it. I could try to log in at last location (which is home) and it would sit there. I could quit, select to log on at home, and log in instantly.

    1. I'd assumed that this was more of a server-side issue that anything to do with the client side, especially given I've had it happen with two very different viewers. But it'll be interesting to see if the Firestorm update makes a difference given that it appears to include changes that relate to how DNS lookups happen.

      (I should really update my copy of METAbolt too).