Caught out by unbroken time

I guess this is kind of ironic given this post from the other day: last night I got caught out by the fact that the grid is now an hour adrift from me.

One of Miss Vila's uses of my Submission HUD is to impose a bedtime. While most nights I get to see her before I go to bed (timezones being what they are) sometimes RL commitments mean that isn't possible. Her way of ensuring that I don't stay up stupidly late tinkering with stuff in the workshop is to use the curfew facility. It's simple enough: if I'm not logged off before 2am local time (or, at the very least, logged in and inside my cell) I get force-teleported to my cell (which is set to auto-close with a random timer).

In SL time 2am here is 6pm on the grid. Except, that is, for the next three weeks starting Sunday gone. Because the grid is now an hour forward, and because the UK doesn't skip forward until the end of the month, 6pm is now 1am.

Before my bedtime last night Mistress and I got together to do some more work on the landscaping we've being doing. While I was slowed down a little in my help, I was able to. Everything was going fine and I was testing a toy I had out while Mistress tweaked a tree or two when.... *bam* I was in my cell. There was a moment of confusion while I tried to figure out what the hell was happing (and sniggering coming from the other end of the Skype call) and then it dawned on me: Mistress hadn't changed the curfew time in my SubHUD to reflect the difference mentioned above (or, if you like, I'd forgotten to respectfully request her to do so).

To make matters worse, under normal circumstances, even if curfew had kicked in I'd be safe because Miss Vila uses the "safe when your Domme is nearby" facility (the idea being, if you're with your dominant, you're likely out past your curfew with their permission). However, because of the spreader bar slowing me down (and the small matter of me having just finished testing the placement of the toy), I'd not managed to stay close enough to her.

Which, of course, meant Mistress gleefully kept pointing out I only had myself to blame.

So, this is me this morning...

Thankfully Mistress was kind enough to bump the curfew time forward an hour so it won't be an issue again. I will, however, have to remind her to pull it back an hour again in just under three weeks. The consequences of getting away with a 3am curfew because I've failed to remind her about it are something I don't care to experience...

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