En Garde then staked out

Earlier today Miss Vila and I met in-world to deal with a couple of things and then she challenged me to a quick game of En Garde.

How could I resist? Mistress stormed ahead, causing me to be stripped by the RLV add-on pretty quickly, but I managed to pull the game back and actually won! I've been told a rematch is on the cards very soon (it would have been there and then but both of us had to log out pretty quickly because of RL commitments).

Mistress, of course, had the last laugh, so to speak. Once the game ended she reminded me that I still had three hours staked out naked that I owed her. So, before we said goodnight, I was dragged to one side and locked like this:

Still, the view was pretty good. A different angle on the work we've recently done and hope to finally get finished next week some time.

As of now I'm caught up on my recent debt although, tomorrow, I'm going to need a top-up on teleports. I can only hope that the payment is another shorter-term one. Mistress seems to be hoping it'll be something much harsher and longer-term.

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