Latex butterfly

The day has finally arrived. It got put off from last Friday but it's finally here. A little earlier today Mistress collected on one of her "wildcard" allowance payments -- one she's had in mind for a couple of weeks now.

While Mistress loves "realistic" restraints and the like as much as anyone she really adores ones that you might call "cute" or "silly" or some variation on that (and often all of those things at once). RLV can be serious business, but there's no harm in it being fun too (fun/silly builds are one component of what drives Z&A, after all). So when Mistress saw this product it pressed all of her buttons and it just had to happen.

Today I was marched over to the shop and told to buy it. In no time whatsoever I was back home and...

...I was Mistress' newly-locked and coloured caterpillar and/or butterfly...

The product itself is the "RLV Latex Rubber Butterfly Caterpillar Morph Combination" from Enslaved. On the surface it looks like it's really aimed at female avatars but, having once seen it "in person", we'd got the feeling that at a push (and a squeeze and a pinch -- all that latex will gather bits up after all) it would look fine on a male avatar and, we think, it does.

I started out by simply sticking with my own shape (so ignoring the supplied shape), adding the almost-all-body alpha (it leaves just your face) and then wearing the main components (there's the main body bag, the wings and a head harness that has optional blindfold and gag). Everything went on fine, although the hood part of the main body bag just didn't work for me -- large parts of it being lost inside my head. Doubtless this could have been fixed by using the supplied shape, or tweaking my own, but we decided to try something different.

Given the hood problem, and that the neck part also made my neck look very scrawny, we decided to keep my hair on so it looked more like it was an up-to-the-neck bag. This worked well. Combined with the gag portion of the head harness it still does the job of looking very restricting.

Given that Mistress locked it the moment I wore it I've not seen the menus. She assures me that they're very well laid out and very logical and clear -- the speed with which she managed to figure it so it was "just so" in terms of look and restrictions was good evidence of that.

The restrictions themselves are very flexible, which is important to us. Given that we run a shop, and that I'm almost always building and tinkering (something Mistress seldom takes away from me for a significant period of time -- I know I'm in trouble if she does), it's important to her that restrictions in a restraint are sensible and flexible; we've bought far too many that restrict what they restrict and give no option to tweak to taste. The butterfly appears to have all the options you'd want.

And then there's the "morph" aspect of it.... She can have me as a butterfly, in which case I can either hop around stood up, or I can fly. Or she can have me as a caterpillar, in which case all I can do is shuffle around on the ground. Or, as she's decided to leave me for now, she can have it switch between the two automatically (I've not worked out exactly when it does this but it seems to be on a fairly regular timer).

So this is me. Until Friday, apparently. I'll be spending the next few days crawling or flying around the region and other places I need to go. While I'm (thankfully) not denied touch, edit or even far touch I am denied sit-tp so there's no sneaky camming to where I want to be and sitting on a thing to get there. If I want to be somewhere I have to crawl or fly. The gag is locked in place on one of the lower levels of garble and the blindfold hasn't been applied (it's worth nothing that from what I briefly saw of it it's a HUDless blindfold -- always a good thing in my opinion).

Given that that's me all locked for now I guess my main worry for the week is that I don't...

...develop some sort of lightbulb fetish.

PS: Mistress has said that she's so pleased with this purchase that it will be going into the lists in the allowance payment pickers as an item in its own right.

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