Very metal

Last night was another one of those times where a fairly rare event happened, and like the last time it happened, it was a combination of choice of theme and DJ that dragged me out of the workshop and to a social gathering, on my own!

This time it was a rock/metal-themed dance at The Velvet Thorn with Miss Eve as DJ. There was absolutely no way I was going to miss out on that. So I dragged out a pair of leathers and an old tour t-shirt (actually the "I finished the mini-hunt" shirt from Z&A's second birthday mini-hunt, which was designed to look like an old tour t-shirt), threw on a pair of seriously cool shades, and went and headbanged for a couple of hours.

While there I did what I normally do at most events: cammed around like crazy and took lots of photos. You can find an album of them over on my imgur.

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