Dress(ed) for the weekend

Today Mistress let me out of the ankle cuff and yoke that were applied yesterday although, as agreed, the dress remained, locked in place until Monday. Now that the cuffs were unlocked it was decided that I'd be allowed boots but, before I did, we had to go shopping for stockings. Although we looked at one other place first we ended up back at Schadenfreude and it tuned out they had a pair that exactly matched the dress. Much to Miss Vila's delight.

Once all done (and I was dressed and everything locked in place) we sat in front of the fire and had a chat about a few things, one important one being what form the shoe should take for The Femdom Hunt V (while the shoe itself is the same every hunt we texture it differently each time). We think we've decided what it'll be and we hope to give it a try next week.

So this is me for the weekend. Amusingly Mistress and I have both agreed that while the first dress I wore looked like a dress that she bought for me because she wanted to see me in it, this one looks like I raided her wardrobe and "borrowed" one of her dresses (she has commented that if it wasn't for the fact that I own it she'd happily have it in her inventory).

Somehow I think she'd make it look better.

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