A trip out (and more payments)

Today was the end of the 3 days locked in the frock. It's been a fascinating 3 days in which I've actually got rather used to seeing myself dressed like this and, I think, have really started to understand and appreciate what Mistress finds attractive about it. I know I've gone from very hesitant to feeling very matter of fact about it. Originally I was very "yikes, I'm wearing a dress, what might people think?!?" and have ended up more "yeah, I'm wearing a dress, why's the big deal?"

So, just a little bit, I was almost disappointed that the 3 days was already up. I know Mistress was as she said so. Before Mistress unlocked the dress though she decided that we needed a trip out for an hour, to just go and wander somewhere pretty, sit and chat, have a dance. Relax.

So we headed over to Lost Eden.

As well as just sitting around and nattering (yes, mostly about how we'd both felt about the little turn of events this week) we also had a bit of an explore too, especially liking the underwater observatory.

After which we found a nice spot for a bit of a dance.

After that we found another spot to have a sit and we spent a little bit of time updating my allowance punishment list. It's a few months now since Mistress rewrote it to better suit her wishes and in the mean time we've found that there's a couple of things that didn't quite fit well and a couple that just didn't work well for us at all. Meanwhile I've bought or made new things that deserved being added to the list. And, yes, it was decided that the dresses that we bought earlier in the week should get a special mention.

After doing that we had one last dance...

...until Mistress crashed and I was left hanging around waiting for her to get back in.

When she got back in we headed home and she updated the book on her desk, and her misfortune cookies, with the new list. At which point I needed to ask for a top-up of my walk and TP allowance. That's when things went a little wrong.

Well, wrong for me. Mistress loved it.

The last week or so I've managed to make some real headway on the backlog of allowance payments. While it was unlikely I'd get it so it was empty, it wasn't a huge list either. That changed when I touched the book and got a "subbie wildcard". That's a payment where I get to pick what it is but I have to pick 3 more! And then on top of that I had to touch it one more time to pay for the walk allowance.

So I ended up adding 5 more items to the list.

One of them was to be blindfolded for an hour (in this case a blindfold that I've scripted to greatly reduce what I can see while removing things like hover text and avatar names) so Mistress unlocked my dress and locked on the blindfold.

At which point I decided that I couldn't see well enough to take the dress off just yet. ;)

So, this is me for now, still "stuck" in the dress while I'm wandering the region blindfolded.

This does mean that I'll be "free" of anything for the evening (once the blindfold unlocks on its timer). That'll feel kind of odd after this week so far.

But I likely don't need to worry too much. Mistress has a wildcard or two left and she's already promised that one of them is going to be.... very interesting (yes, I know what it is, but I don't want to spoil it -- especially if it doesn't quite work out). She's said that it'll happen tomorrow evening so I imagine I'll be facing a very interesting weekend.

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