Mistress and I had a pretty busy couple or so hours together today. First off we had a trip over to Fameshed so I could buy her a gift for her rezday (which is tomorrow). After that we had a trip to the main store of the maker of the gift, before heading back to the Z&A workshop so we could have a bit of a testing session for a product range that'll be coming soon (not sure when soon yet, some time between now and the start of The Femdom Hunt V). After that Mistresses decided that it was time to knock a few things off my allowance payment list.

First off she decided that I should spend the next 3 days naked, with a day cuffed on my knees, and with a blindfold for 3 hours (the type that makes the world very dark but still lets me see, while removing names and hover text and the like).

She then decided that the "be leashed naked in public for 2 hours" payment should happen too...

But it seems that wasn't enough. So, there I am, naked, blindfolded and leashed to a leash post rezzed at the Raven Park landing point and Mistress then adds...

...balloons. But that wasn't enough, apparently I needed a cake too...

...which was very sweet of her.

So, this has been me for the couple of hours after I said goodnight to Mistress. Her little rezday gift to me.

I'm doing my best to stay away from the sparkler.

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