A little gift

Yesterday, having sorted ourselves with our outfits for the Steampunk dance...

...Mistress and I decided to head over to the regions based around New Babbage and have a wander. It's a long time since I've visited there and I'd forgotten how well done the whole thing is. During our wanderings I found a picture for sale that I felt I just had to get Mistress given how excited she's been about how restricted and restrained I was last week.

I got it more as a joke gift but, it turns out, she loves it. In fact, she loves it so much that it got pride of place in her office:

Apparently the thing she likes about it most is that, each time I use the Punishment Picker book to select an allowance payment, I'll have a huge reminder of one of the payments I could get.

I think my joke might have backfired a little.

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