Back in a dress

My quiet week is over.

Today Mistress and I got together, after sorting the perms on and packing a new product range that'll be going in the shop in the next day or so, and she decided it was time to start chipping away at the current allowance backlog.

Noting that there was a "Outfit of your Domme's choice" item (which lasts for 3 days) Mistress decided it was high time I tried out the third dress I bought a short while ago...

On top of that I've got a couple of fairly long gag sessions on the list so Mistress decided to use up one of them. And she knew just the gag to use too...

It's locked so that my local chat is very garbled and so that I can't start IM sessions. In the other hand I can have an IM conversation if someone IMs me. Mistress decided to do it this way given we're getting to the next busy period in The Femdom Hunt.

It was decided that that was enough for now. Many of the other items on the list either make it too difficult for me to carry out the work I've got to do this week or Mistress has other plans for them. Instead we went and did a little bit of tinkering in the Raven Park mansion, putting out a copy of the Dutchie Femdom Chaise in a couple of the rooms. While giving it a test, of course...

Turns out the dress I'm wearing isn't a great match for most of the sub's poses in it. Hardly a surprise there. Didn't stop Mistress from finding one that more or less worked, of course.

Finally we had a sit out the back of the Mansion (well, Mistress sat, I stood around and held a flower, sort of) and had a general chat about things and a good catchup.

It's interesting to note that I'm getting more and more used to the dresses. I'm pretty sure that, at this point, I have a favourite. And while I doubt I'll be adding them to my self-chosen wardrobe any time soon I think it's fair to say I sort of look forward to them coming up as an allowance payment.

And Mistress seems to like me in them, which is the really important part for me.

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