Out of the dress, into less

Yesterday Mistress and I spent a bit of time in-world dealing with a couple of things, the final item being swapping my SubHUD over to a newer version that I want to test on myself before releasing. As part of the swap process she needed to set my "home" location (the place I get sent to if I violate some other rule set in the HUD), which meant I needed to step into my cell, which of course is set to auto-close on a random timer of Mistress' choice.

It took all of 30 seconds for Mistress to set the home position but the cell had set itself to something like 55 minutes. It soon became very clear that Mistress had absolutely no intention of unlocking the door again, which is no surprise really because she really hates unlocking a locked door, especially when it has a timer running.

While I waited for the timer to run down Mistress was kind enough to unlock the dress I'd been locked in all weekend although, of course, I couldn't change there and then because the cell was set to lock me out of my inventory.

Instead we chatted for a little bit and then I had to say goodnight through the cell bars. I also had to get a top-up for my walk allowance that way, the resulting payment being "Wear a Pony outfit and stay in a stable for 8 days" -- so some time soon I can look forward to another week (and a day) of being locked out of the house and falling on my backside every so often.

Today, after perming and packing a couple of new Z&A products, we got to spend a brief bit of time together. Mistress decided to collect on one of the "Wear an outfit of your Domme's choice for 3 days" payments, deciding to lock me like this...

...until Friday. I'm not sure what's worse really. Being locked nude and knowing pretty much where I can and can't go (plenty of places I often need to drop in on have a no-nudity rule) or being like this where I'm fine but it's very.... revealing.

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