A little bit of shopping

Sometimes the items on the allowance list can "clash" with other things we want to do. Take, for example, the payment that started yesterday. Mistress and I have been really looking forward to seeing the new Dutchie house (we've been following its development, as much as possible, for a rather long time now) but my current "state" wasn't exactly compatible with the location.

Thankfully, however, Mistress was feeling a little more flexible than she might be with other things (locks, timers, keys, etc...) and allowed me to throw on a shirt and pants while we treated ourselves to a quick visit.

What a place! I won't even try and do a review, reviewing things really isn't my thing, especially not something like a house; but wow... This is every inch a Raven Park type house. Really, it's every inch a Mistress and my house. If it wasn't for the fact that we purchased a new house just a few weeks back and have only recently finished tweaking it to suit our taste we'd have been buying this. No question. Really, if it wasn't for that there's a near-100% chance that this blog post would have been one about us demolishing the old house and rezzing this one out.

Just after we landed Froukje IMd me to say hello and to mention that we might want to pay special attention to the adult version of the chaise longue that was in the house (the version in the house being the PG one). We found the PG one and decided we liked it already -- the poses in it are really sweet.

After a good wander around the house (the cellar is especially cool -- part of me wants to buy it just so I can custom-make a RLV cell to blend into the cellar) we headed over to Dutchie's adult store to take a look at the adult version of the chaise.

Despite how it looks, I wasn't naked, I'd just removed baggy
items so that we could see the poses properly and at this angle
you can't see clothing.
We're really glad we did. As well as some really sweet relaxing sits there's a great mix of very adult couples animations and a number of set sequences. All of them femdom-oriented. There are a couple of femdom chaises that are firm favourites of ours, but one is getting rather old now and the other one, as lovely as it is, is very LI-heavy (up in the low 40s). The Dutchie one looks like it's going to join them as one of our favourites.

We've already rezzed a copy in the house (although we still need to decide its final place)...

...and a copy will be going into the Raven Park Mansion pretty soon (it'd be a real shame not to let people in there discover it).

Meanwhile, it was time for Mistress to head for bed, but first I needed to get a top-up for my TP allowance, which was now getting rather low.

That got me a payment of "Be left leashed naked to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 1 hour". Given that the version of the SubHUD I'm currently testing on myself includes a small improvement to leashing I guess this is a good thing.

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