My wildcard (and the other dress)

Today was the end of the three days of "forced" nudity so it was time to use up another one of the "bigger" items off my allowance payment list. This time Mistress allowed me to use the "Sub's wildcard" item I had on the list. The idea, as I've mentioned on here before, is that I get to pick what it is, although Mistress gets to pick how long.

I didn't have to think about this too long, or at all. I've known for a while what I wanted to do/experience with this: I wanted to a) be locked in the other dress we recently purchased and then b) have some fairly restrictive bondage applied on top. Mistress readily approved this setup and happily locked me like that...

The photo is very dark because I'm still doing my 21 in-world hours in the Z&A Contact Lenses (as of the time of writing I have one and a half hours left to go). As well as the yoke (which is denying things like sittp and fartouch) my legs are also cuffed together so I can only hobble around slowly (and have to stop and start moving again very often). These are locked until I see Mistress tomorrow.

The dress, on the other hand, is locked until Monday.

I have to admit that I really like the look (and the "feel") of the harsh bondage on top of something softer like wearing the dress -- it gives the impression of equal amounts of suffering for Mistress as well as doing something to please her (I'm not sure which dress she prefers, but she did seem to rather like me in this one too, and hearing her pleased is pleasing).

All I have to do now is wait for the contacts to unlock...

...so I can get a proper look at the outfit. ;)

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