Blindfolded and denied standing

Mistress likes gags. Mistress really likes gags. Not because she doesn't like to hear me talk (at least, I don't think so....), but because it gives her so much scope to misunderstand what I'm saying (sorry, I mean, it gives me so much scope to make a mess of what I'm saying -- I'm sure that's how I'm supposed to say it). As you can well imagine, I only say the nicest things to my Mistress but a gag makes it all come out wrong.

So... a little earlier we were sat in the house, having a chat about all sorts of things, and the gag kept making it look like I was throwing in the odd insult or two. No amount of protesting my innocence helped (indeed, it made things worse).

This didn't go down too well so it was decided that two things were going to happen. The first was that I was going to be denied the butterfly part of my current outfit and so I'd have to spend the rest of my time inside it simply crawling around on the floor.

The second was that I should use up the 3 hours blindfolded that I had on my allowance list. To that end Mistress applied a blindfold I'd bought/made a few weeks back...

As I've mentioned before, this doesn't completely blind me (although it could if Mistress set it to) but, instead, it makes the world around me very dark and denies a number of slight-oriented abilities (seeing people's names, access to maps and radar, etc...). While it doesn't completely debilitate me it does slow down a lot of what I'd normally be doing in-world.

So that's me for the next three hours...

...at least for the blindfold part. The squirming around on the floor part is until tomorrow. And Mistress likes the caterpillar portion of this restraint so much she's already suggested a couple of changes I could make to a copy of it to make a whole other thing. I fear this, in one way or another, is going to figure often in my future.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: having knocked 3 hours blindfolded off my payment list I needed to get a TP top-up for my allowance. I think the universe things it's being funny because the payment I got was.... "Be blindfolded for 3 hours".

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