Another rezday

Mistress and I didn't get much time in-world today and what little we did get was sort of rushed. However, we did pack a few things in. After perming and packing a couple of new Z&A products (now in the shop and on our marketplace -- "officially" announced tomorrow) we spent a little bit of time trying out a rather fun gift that Miss Eve had sent Mistress because today is her rezday (we sort of celebrated together at the weekend and I got her her gift yesterday).

It's a Femdom-oriented couples walker vehicle thingy with some really fun animations in it. We only had a chance to try each of the animations very quickly but each were amusing to watch -- I highly suspect it's something Mistress will use from time to time. After dragging back back home...

...Mistress decided to knock a couple more items off my allowance payment list. This time it was to wear a yoke for 5 hours (she went with one of the new Z&A yokes) and also wear the Z&A Contacts for 21 hours!

Five hours without fartouch was a bit of a struggle but the time in the contacts is going to be huge. Given it's in-world time 21 hours is going to span quite a bit of RL time, time when I'd normally be building. While the contacts don't stop me from building they do make it harder to concentrate and work as I'd normally work. For example, this evening, I needed to rearrange a bit of the shop so I could put the new products out. In the murky world I'm living in right now...

...it's surprisingly exhausting. On top of this I'm also denied maps, avatar names and hover text which makes me feel rather isolated while still being out and about in the world.

I'm starting to miss some of the "softer" payments. ;)

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