Locked in the iso helmet

As I've mentioned before, for Mistress and myself, alternate weekends work different for us. Normally, for various RL reasons, one weekend out of two we get to spend a fair bit of time together, the other weekend we generally don't see each other. Because this weekend is a "not see each other" weekend Mistress decided that the special payment that was planned for this evening, which I mentioned yesterday, was to be postponed. She'd decided that it was be a terrible waste to do it when we're not seeing each other.

She wanted to benefit from it as much as possible.

So, instead, while we sat out on the back landing of the new house, she decided to use up a different payment instead...

Thankfully the timer only needed to be set for 3 hours so I'll get to build as much as I like when I do get in-world this weekend.

Mistress was also very explicit about how I should wear a latex catsuit with the helmet. Something about wanting to remind me what it's like to wear something other than a dress (I can't imagine why).

So this is me for a short while yet, enjoying a very spooky workshop...

...and under strict instructions to stay out of her wardrobe this weekend. ;-D

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