Quadcopter and blindfold

Earlier today Mistress and I just hung out in-world without doing anything of significance to the new house, which was kind of nice in a way. We simply sat around on the side patio and chatted.

Until, that was, Mistress decided that she was going to collect on the new allowance payments I'd picked up a couple of days back. In no time she'd dived into my #RLV folder via my SubHUD and attached the Z&A Quadcopter (having decided that what I was (not) wearing was an outfit of her choice) and then locked it and set a timer.

Pretty quickly she then did the same with the blindfold I'd purchased/scripted a few days ago.

That left me in a very dark world without the ability to see avatar names or access my radar, amongst other things.

Once Mistress had left for bed I decided to fly over to the shop and then take the TP pad up to the workshop (I was, in effect, banned from the house while locked like this). That took a few attempts. It might come as a surprise given how big it is but I missed the shop on the first couple of tries.

Perhaps I need a bigger shop. ;)

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