Firestorm 4.6.7 Update

Following on from my previous post about Firestorm 4.6.7 things with the odd lighting issue that I wrote about have moved on. Thanks to the JIRA I filed I had it confirmed by one of the Firestorm support people that it was, indeed, a real issue and that I wasn't alone in seeing it. Since then it's been filed on the Lab's JIRA and, from what I've been told, has been internally acknowledged as an issue.

At this point I would have been tempted to give up and roll back to 4.6.5 -- especially given that I've stumbled on an issue with textures and I think I might have found an irritation relating to RLV (although I still need to test that out and write it up). But one thing has stopped me.

On Saturday Mistress and I dropped in on Collarbor88. Normally this can be a difficult time. It's not unusual for us to go there and for me to not have loaded all of the vendor boards or displays after 1/2 hour (an issue that isn't just a C88 thing). This time, however.... the difference was really stark. Within 5 minutes I had pretty much the whole of the event loaded!

That alone, for now at least, is enough to keep me on 4.6.7. Of course, avatars took a little longer to load, and there was the usual hilarious assortment of not-yet-rigged clothing and body parts...

...but I see that as a good thing. It provides entertainment while everything else loads up. I kind of hope that issue never gets fixed. ;)

(although I do have to wonder why some people who make body parts and clothing do have to make them so damn large)

C88 itself was a real success with Mistress brining back an awful lot of demos. A good few of those demos, earlier today, turned into actual purchases. And one of those demos turned into a.... interesting turn of events for me. I won't say more now because I'll doubtless be blogging the full impact of this in the next day or so. ;)

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