A new blindfold

It should come as no surprise that, quite often, I'll hit the Marketplace, enter "RLV", hit search and then order by newest first. While I derive a lot of pleasure from making RLV products in Second Life I also get a lot of pleasure from using them (well, having them used on me....). So no surprises that I like to keep an eye out for anything that looks fun, or neat, or just plain nice, or any combination of those things.

Last week I noticed this blindfold from PixelFashion. Given the mixture of leather and lace I knew it was the sort of thing that Mistress would really like and, sure enough, when I showed it to her she strongly suggested that it was something I should own.

And now I do:

I'd noticed from the listings that there was a non-RLV version, which appeared to be no-modify, and an RLV version which was modify. The RLV version, according to the listing, was scripted with OpenCollar scripts. While I'm sure that'd be useful for some it didn't seem very "blindfoldy" to me and, besides, I already wear one set of OC scripts in my own collar which Mistress made for me. But that wasn't an issue. What we had here was a very affordable and very attractive mesh blindfold that had lots of colour/texture options and which was modify too.

Perfect for dropping my own code in. Even easier given that I've just recently made two other personal blindfolds using purchases I'd made elsewhere so I had all the code ready to drop in.

The blindfold itself seems very well made and really does look good. The colour/texture change HUD is straightforward and the resize system that's part of the HUD was very simple to use. The other nice thing about it is that, out of the box, it was a pretty good fit for me -- very unusual even for items aimed at male avatars. In fact, I had to size it down just a touch.

The really interesting part was that, a short while after I'd bought it, the creator IMd me to ask what I thought of it. I told them that I thought it was a very attractive build and that I'd removed all the scripts and replaced them with my own because I had a particular use for it. I was rather relieved when their reaction was to be delighted by that idea.

This... right here, this is SL at its best. A content creator who allows the object itself to be modified and who actively welcomes people making changes to suit their own needs.

That made me very happy.

And Mistress is happy too because I've got a blindfold in my #RLV folder that is very her.

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