Settling in

Work on the house is still ongoing. The best part at the moment is that I'll "wake up" in-world in a morning and find that stuff has changed. Mistress does love to tinker and the new house is a real must-tinker. So today I woke up and found most of the walls were a different colour and that quite a lot of furniture had moved around.

It's a great adventure, never knowing what I'll find. It's a surprise to find my bed was in the same place. ;)

Of course, by the time I next met up with Mistress, she was exhausted from all the decorating, so the least I could do was serve tea...

The abandoned slice of toast looked very tempting but I behaved and didn't steal it...

Before we logged out I needed to get a top-up for my TP and walk allowances. Those top-ups cost me the following payments:

  • Wear a vehicle (and outfit) of your Domme’s choice for 3 hours.
  • Be blindfolded for 1 hour.

Not the most terrible of payments, it has to be said. I feel I got off rather lightly this time.

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