Back in the yoke

Mistress and I did a little bit of hunt business earlier today and then, afterwards, retired to the Raven Park Abbey for a sit down and a chat about bits and bobs.

As normally happens though, all too soon, it was time to head back to our RLs. Before we did though I needed a top-up for teleports (this hunt organising business really does eat up the teleport allowance, and it's only going to get worse). After getting that...

...Mistress decided that she'd knock one of the other items off my list. And so I'm spending 5 hours in-world without the ability to touch anything more than 1.5m away from me.

Thankfully most of the building that I was doing was either done or could wait, and as it happened I had a few admin things that needed doing so this was a great way of ensuring I didn't mess about with builds but instead got on with them.

And the payment I picked for the TP allowance top-up? "Wear the outfit of your dom(me)'s choice for 6 days." Given that I've also got two Mistress wildcards on the list, and given that Mistress loves the art of "stacking" payments when they align, I'm getting rather nervous now...

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