(Mostly lack of) Outfit for the next week

Following on from yesterday's house swap Mistress and I spent a good couple or so hours shopping for bits and doing a fair bit of landscaping.

The original intention was go get to work on the textures for the outside of the house so, of course, we went shopping for trees and a new front gate. Yeah, I'm not sure how that actually ended up happening either. ;)

However, once that was done, we did make a start on the outdoor textures and the base of the house is now textured with a nice very dark brick. The walls should follow in the next day or so. We also tried a couple of options for wall colours in the house and I think we might have settled on the colour for Mistress' bedroom (so, of course, I fully expect to log in tomorrow and find it's totally different).

Before logging out so Mistress could head for bed she decided to knock off a couple more items from my allowance payment list. This time she decided to go with me being locked in an outfit of her choice for six days, and to lock on the punishment log for six hours.

When I say "outfit"....

Thing is, this is for six days. Which takes me to Saturday. Mistress and I tend not to see each other alternate weekends (the weekends when Raven Park dances aren't on). It's highly unlikely she'll unlock me from this a day early so that means.... I'll probably spend 7 or even 8 days like this.

So this is me for now. The log makes things tricky this evening in that I can't carry on working on a build I'd started earlier. Not that that's a huge issue in that there's no rush to get it finished. It just means I have to concentrate on things that I can do within 1.5m of myself, or in my inventory.

Which is no bad thing.

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