Locked in a frock

I'll start off by being clear that everything I talk about in here is about my own personal taste. I'm pretty open-minded about all forms of consensual D/s and self-expression, etc, but I'm also very aware of where my own comfort zone is for what I want to do and experience. This is written from the point of view of my own comfort zone.

It started with yesterday's demo-trying session after our earlier visit to Collarbor88. As with almost every other visit to an event or fair Mistress had grabbed lots of demos and they all got a try on. Some are great but not her. Some are not-so-great on her. Some are "OMG I have to run back and get this right away!". It's a thing I really enjoy, watching Mistress try things on and giving my input and, generally, really enjoying watching her enjoy things she likes.

Yesterday, however, as we were talking (we're always talking on Skype when this happens), there was a very different excited response with one of the dresses she grabbed. She'd noticed in the demo pack that there was one called "male deformer". It was a dress, with all the usual standard sizes, and a fitted mesh version, and a fitted mesh version shaped for a male avatar!

While cross-dressing is obviously a thing in the Femdom world it's something that holds very little interest for me. I come at Femdom from a place where service and bondage is more my thing. However, I'm also always intrigued and excited by the idea of being dragged out of my comfort zone by something that makes Mistress happy and that she likes. So, given how excited she was by what she'd found, my interest was piqued.

Fast forward to today and...

...I now own three fitted mesh dresses that are designed to fit a male avatar. Moreover, because they are modify, I've also RLV-enabled them using the Z&A restraint code. This means that once I've worn one Mistress can lock it on (and optionally set a timer) and, in doing so, it also locks the alpha layer too. I'm also going to extend this so that she can optionally use the dress to lock other clothing layers so that any other items that go with the dress, like stockings...

...can also be locked.

The past 24 hours has been a really interesting time. This is, really, the first time since I was first introduced to pony play (by Mistress) that I've found myself both very excited and very hesitant about something I've done in-world. The idea of dressing up in women's clothing has never held any appeal to me whatsoever and, for the most part, Mistress hasn't really had too much interest because women's clothing in SL is almost never made to suit a male shape (even good old fabric layer clothing tends to be shaded wrong).

These mesh dresses that we've discovered (I now own 3) have made all the difference. Mistress really loves how they look on and I think she had a lot of fun marching me back to the shop to get an extra or two.

And the shop? Schadenfreude. The dress I'm wearing right now (and for the next 3 days -- Mistress decided to make this one of her "wildcard" allowance payments) is the Eala Black. Another I was told to buy was the Casati dress. And the third one I have is.... well, you need to pop over to C88 for that.

So, like I say, this is me for the next 3 days...

The more I look at myself, the more I can appreciate it. What matters is that Mistress really likes it and I think that's mostly what I'm seeing.

And it's different.

And it's a manageable push outside my comfort zone.

And I think it'll become a regular thing if Mistress' reaction so far is anything to go by...

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