New house

About 10 months ago Mistress and I swapped our house for a cosy little cottage. We both really love the house but it has two issues that, over time, got to be a little annoying. The first was that the application of materials we just too heavy-handed. This is sort of understandable in that when we got this it was still early days for materials and I guess people were still trying to find the best way to do it (not that it really affects me -- my desktop machine crawls to a near-halt if I turn on advanced lighting, even with shadows off). The other problem is that the doorways are just too narrow and there's just enough physics glitches in the doors (and other parts of the house) to make navigating it feel a bit clumsy at times.

So, a month or so back, we started the process of looking for a new house. Two weeks ago we finally found one we really liked and bought it. Since then a copy of it has been rezzed up on the Z&A build platform, just outside the Z&A workshop, and we've been playing with textures and the like (while the building itself is really nicely textured it's not really very "us" so we'll be applying our own in a few places).

This also gave me a chance to make my own custom-fitted cell for it too (like I did for the last house).

Today we set aside some time to nuke the old house and start the process of putting the new one in place. First off we took a photo of the old house...

...and then we deleted it...

...and then rezzed out the new one...

What followed was a fun couple of hours of moving things roughly into the right room while, at the same time, deciding what should stay and what should go. We now mostly have all the right things in all the right rooms -- only Mistress' office remains a "dumping ground", that'll likely get sorted tomorrow some time.

The next few days (and likely weeks) will involve applying our chosen textures to both the outside and inside. And there's a good chance we'll be swapping some furniture so that it's a better fit. Meanwhile though what's really nice is that we have doors we can navigate through without too much fuss or bother. Having a bit more space is nice too.

Once all the initial moving was done we made sure my new cell was in place and that the new home setting in my SubHUD was sorted. The cell itself is rather simple, comprising of nothing more than one wall and a floor that is embedded inside the house's floor.

The texturing was done so that it closely matches the texture work in the room that it was built for:

With that in place and most of the rearranging done I made sure Mistress had a nice cup of tea before bed.

After I'd tucked her up in bed I did some landscaping and tidied up a couple of things in the house. Other than that though I'll be leaving it alone as it's Mistress who's the one with the eye for textures and colours.

I can't wait to see the final result.

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