Visit, dance, demolish, hogtie

In-world, some days are slow and easy, others can be a little hectic. Not exactly hectic in a bad way, just.... lots of things fitted in in brief period of time. Today's in-world time with Mistress was kind of like that.

To start with we had a visit to an applicant to the hunt penned in so we did that first. While out and about we ran into a lovely avatar who got talking with Mistress and showing off a new release that we'd seen mentioned in the RLV Communities group. The product looks interesting enough in the vendor image, but seeing it working in-world was even more fascinating.

Sadly it seems like it's really designed for female-sized/shaped avatars...

...although Mistress did observe that, being very tight rubber, I could possibly pass it off as being really well squeezed in. There was also some talk about how I'll be needing something new for this year's Femdom Hunt (anyone reading my blog last year might recall how I spent the time it took us to complete the hunt). As it happens, I had started work on something I thought she'd like, just a couple of days earlier, but I fear she's far too smitten with the butterfly now. O_o

Anyway.... that done, we headed home and on to the next job. There's plans afoot that required that we demolish the walled garden on the Z&A plot. This is a pretty significant bit of Raven Park/Z&A/Mistress and I history and, at this point, was one of the oldest structures left on the region (possibly the oldest). It was originally the bottom end of the garden of Miss Vila's and my house when I last wore her collar (and remained part of the gardens when it became just my home).

It was also the location of a very significant every for the two of us.

So it's no surprise that demolishing the walled garden was kind of a big deal for us. While we had no hesitation in doing it, we felt it needed a moment's pause and a last dance...

...before braking out the hard hats and hammer and demolishing the whole thing:

It didn't take too long to finish the job and once the area was clear and the land flattened Mistress had a quick look at my allowance payment list and decided to knock off the payment I'd acquired yesterday, it being that I spend 2 days hogtied, having to shuffle around slowly on my belly.

A very quick snap of my cuffs later...

...and that was me set until Friday. Just in time for our usual dance costume shopping session.

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