VT famous geeks dance

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was DJing another dance at VT that Mistress and I just could not miss. Given that this nicely coincided with a weekend where we get to spend time together we made arrangements to go.

The theme? Famous geeks. While that gave us a lot of options to select from there was one geeky couple that we just had to channel. We did our own take on Amanda and Neil. Two things happened after we did this:
  1. I managed to pretty much put my outfit together from my inventory (I just had to purchase a jacket/jumper combo, although I had things that would have worked anyway).
  2. A large part of this last week was spent on skin and eyebrow shopping for Mistress, with many moments of "I don't have anything to wear!" along the way.
Which, to be fair, is normally very us. ;)

We got there in the end though.

While at the dance I did the usual thing of grabbing plenty of photos, which you can see in an album over on imgur. Here's a few photos of Mistress and me:

After the dance we dropped in on the Raven Park abbey quickly so I could try and get a good portrait of us, especially one that would show off Mistress' skin and makeup better. I think I managed to catch a very "us" image here:

And that was it for the night. After trying to get her to tell me where she got her skirt from (she refused, I can't imagine why!) it was time for bed.

Must have been a damn good party though. Somehow I woke up as the owner of the Internet!

Beats stealing a traffic cone I guess.

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  1. You had better look after that carefully... the Lords are watching!