A bit of shopping, then back as a pony

It started with an off-hand suggestion that, perhaps, we might like to go to the VT dance on Friday. Sometimes, if the theme is one Mistress and I might especially enjoy, Miss Eve (who knows just how difficult it is for Mistress and I to get coinciding times that work for dances) lets us know a bit in advance what it'll be so we can make arrangements. This Friday's is one we think we'd have fun with and I made a suggestion for outfits to Mistress.

Which, of course, has turned into an epic (and still ongoing) shopping trip for the perfect skin.

Shops were visited. Groups were joined. Demos were demonstrated. And... nothing. While there were some lovely skins to be found none quite had the combination Mistress is looking for. I fear this will be our week this week.

Hopefully we'll find some time to make some more progress on the background project.

Before logging off for the day though Mistress collected on another allowance payment. Initially she was going to collect "Be hobbled by ankle cuffs and hands cuffed with thumbcuffs for 3 days" but we ran into a bit of a snag with that.

I'd recently updated the cuffs that she'd have used for that, the cuffs I almost always wear, and it seems there's been some radical changes to how they work and how the animations work. The heavily-hobbled animations were very different, rather unworkable and very unattractive. Doubtless something clever has been done to the cuffs, they've been upgraded in some clever way, and, sadly, left in a state where you appear to have to read the manual again just to learn how to do something very basic that you've being doing for years without a hitch.

Not really much of a step forward. Not even a hobbled hop forward. And very frustrating and disappointing.

So, that one's been put on hold until we can figure out what the hell is going on with those cuffs and, instead, Mistress decided to collect on me being her pony for 3 days.

Which, of course, had me so disappointed. ;)

So, as of now, for the next 3 days, I'm banned from the house and have to sleep in the stable.

Which also means that to get to and from the shop I have to walk across the sim rather than use our private transport pads. So that'll be more walk allowance used up too. Which means the list will get longer quicker...

It's almost as if Mistress never wants me to catch up!

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