DoF glitch

These days I'm running with a setup that can handle ALM and related things rather well. As such I'm still enjoying the novelty of playing with things like materials (not that I'd not experienced that before -- it's just that ALM would impact my FPS so bad that I could only really play with it in a static environment) and, at the moment, depth-of-field.

Earlier on I was messing about in the workshop, taking some photos with the Z&A logo behind me, while toying with the DoF settings (and trying to get the hang of how to set the point of focus and have it stay there, etc, especially in flycam mode).

While camming around, I noticed this:

Curious "halo" of non-blurred background hovering over my head. Very strange. Well, not so strange when you view transparent...

(yes, my hair does generally need 1/2 region to itself). Turns out that it's some fun clash with the background and an invisible mane on the head harness.

And I thought this sort of glitch had been left behind when we dropped the invisiprim hack. ;)

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