Getting all SciFi

Now and again I have these "great" ideas that I end up regretting. I had one of those ideas today.

The 2015 SL SciFi Convention kicked off yesterday and, especially given that it includes a friendly mad scientist whose work we like, we resolved to try and get there today. I'm delighted to say that Mistress and I did get a bit of free time together to do this (although we didn't get to explore too much of it).

Meanwhile... my allowance payment list keeps getting longer and time and circumstance appear to be conspiring against me in terms of turning that around. So I had that great idea: it's a SciFi con; anything that looks spacey will work. Meanwhile, I've got a payment on my list of spending 5 days locked in the tkISO suit. It looks a bit like a spacesuit, right?

So before Mistress and I headed to the SciFi con I asked her if she was planning on collecting that one this week. Not only have I being dreading it (five days with a reduced screen size and a forced windlight is pretty hard going for me) and so wanted to just dive in and get it out of the way, there was also the issue that it was 5 days and if I went into it today I'd get out Friday. Any later in the week and I'd possibly end up bumping into the weekend and having to serve even longer (given that Mistress and I are unlikely to see each other over the course of next weekend).

She agreed that it would be a good look for our little date and that it made sense to kick it off today.

And the reason I ended up regretting it? It really did make seeing much of the con rather tricky. It didn't stop me, but it did make it difficult to really appreciate what was around me and how everything looked.

Much to Mistress' amusement.

Anyway, as best as I could, I took some photos during our wander. I have the full album up on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

Sadly though it was getting rather late for Mistress so we had to cut out trip short. I might try and get back there at some point this week end try and take more of it in. My main concern this week though is going to be getting used to the environment of the tkISO suit while trying to get on with working on Z&A things...

If past experience is anything to go by it'll take me a couple of days to really get used to it and, once I'm properly comfortable with it, it'll be time to be unlocked and that will be an even bigger shock.

This time should be an interesting experience in that it's the longest time yet. The longest I've done so far, I think, is 3 days. It should get even more interesting if (as I sort of hope she does otherwise it'll get even longer) Mistress layers other payments on top.

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